Type:Chair/Design:2022/Construction:2022/ Supprt:VUILD-EMARF, Azuma Plywood, Enokido Lumber/ Size: Flame chair:420×576×954㎜, Surface chair:335.3×491.3×869.3㎜, Rabbit chair:144×165×504㎜,Cat chair:59.3×116.3×419.3㎜


TWINS-MDF consists of a “Frame chair” and a “Surface chair”, which have a twins-like relationship. By studying these chair’s MDF/Medium Density Fiberboard trimmings, we have achieved a high yield rate more than 70% with extremely little offcuts in the Japanese standard size 4×8 board (1219x2438mm). For example, the backboard part of the “Surface chair” is extracted from the inside of the backboard part of the “Frame chair” using EMARF’s Shop Bot (CNC router).

Therefore, we repeatedly studied the manufacturable range, drill width, and the position interference of each other’s joints. It’s like creating a puzzle while searching for the greatest common divisors of each.

Furthermore, due to the unevenness provided on the top of the back plate of each chair, it is possible to connect laterally like a bench. It is also possible to make each part stand out like a pattern by using different color’s MDF. The “Frame chair”, which is mainly composed of frames, and the “Surface chair”, which is mainly composed of surfaces, are in the same space, creating a relationship like a mass and a void.

* The yield rate is the ratio of the amount of sawn timber actually obtained to the raw wood. The higher the number, the less waste.

**TWINS original chair was designed 18 years ago as a stacking chair by stainless steel.