Type: House / Location: Atami, Shizuoka, Japan / Design: 2022 / Construction: 2022 / Contractor: Yamada-komuten


所在地:静岡県熱海市昭和町1-3 小林ビル1F
設計監理:田邉雄之建築設計事務所 担当/田邉雄之、小室周起

This is a project renovating façade of Chinese restaurant facing a sloping road near the Kiunkaku, which is famous for the tourist in Atami city. We designed the façade based on the Chinese lattice pattern which is characterized by a symmetric pattern composition of rectangles, L-shapes, and convex shapes using a color steel plate with a thickness of 0.3 mm.

The color steel plate is basically used for roof covering, so that these each of rings consist the façade are processed/bent by a well-skilled sheet metal worker. In making this façade, rather than bending and painting steel flat bars that are normally used to form frames for openings, using colored steel plates speeds up construction, reduces costs, and improves weather resistance (against the salt damage, high humidity) by factory painting. And above all, the lightness due to the thinness of the plate thickness was the decisive factor in choosing material. On the other hands, we considered about visibility from the Kiunkaku side down the slope of this restaurant and from the city hall side up the hill. The thickness is 0.3㎜, but the depth is 80 ㎜, so the angle between the pedestrian and the façade becomes sharper (farther away), the depth of the color steel plate is visualized, and the redness of the entire façade increases.

The Chinese lattice pattern is made by bending an 80㎜ rectangle shaped color steel plate with the ends bent 3 mm (to prevent injury) to make a ring, and riveting the overlapping parts. There are 38 rings in total to match the irregularities of the existing façade, but they are composed of as few types of lengths (13 types) as possible while maintaining the symmetry and the configuration of the grid. Since the thickness of the rings is thin, it is easy to distort by themselves, but by fitting multiple rings in the frame, each supports each other and increases stability. The distortion and flicker born from the thinness reflect Atami city.

Project name: Dim Sum Dining Tenten
Function: Restaurant
Location: 1-3 Kobayasi Bld.1F, Showacho, Atami, Shizuoka, Japan
Design: Yuji Tanabe Architects. Ltd. /Yuji Tanabe, Shuki Komuro
Constructor: Yamada Komuten
Façade area: 19.81sqm
Construction: July,2022
Photo: Yuji Tanabe