Type: Wine bar / Location: Higashi-Nakano, Tokyo, Japan / Design: 2023 / Construction: 2023 / Contractor: Kawaguchi Kenchiku / Total floor area: 26.45m2

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魚と小料理とワインのお店aoiは奥行のある空間において、「魚」を用いて奥から手前への一体的なうねりをデザインした。東中野駅から徒歩5分ほど、東中野ギンザ通りの商店街に面する魚と小料理を供するワインバー。通りから見える席の天井には沢山の魚(カラマツ魚)が浮遊している。広さは約26㎡(8坪)で席数は14席。カウンターを設える元お蕎麦屋さんの居抜き物件をローコストにて改装。トイレや厨房、カウンターの位置はそのままに、通りに面した元製麺室にもカウンターを新たに設け、L字型のレイアウトとした。床はフローリングを貼り、壁・天井は既存の壁紙や新設下地の上から塗装仕上げ。外壁側に設けられた2つのアルミサッシと呼応するかたちでサッシと同じサイズのフレームを作成し、店舗奥においても屋外のような開放的な雰囲気を感じられるように、石造りの建物とその窓の関係性のような規則的配置とした。フレームの中には装飾ガラス越しに魚が揺らめいており、入口付近の天井のカラマツ魚群へと繋がり、大きなうねりをつくりだしている。カラマツ魚は建築家でもありスプーンを掘るアート活動も行うsmall pondの増田啓介さん、ドアハンドルは工芸家のatelier m4の前田大作さん、オープン看板の文字は書道家の小林綾花さんに制作頂き、手仕事の楽しさが伝わるパーツを空間全体に散りばめている。

In a space with depth, we designed an integrated undulation from the back to the front using “fish”. A wine bar serving fish and small dishes facing the Higashi-Nakano Ginza Dori shopping street, about a 5-minute walk from Higashi-Nakano Station. Many fish (larch fish) are floating on the ceiling of the seats that can be seen from the street. It is approximately 26 square meters (8 tsubo) in size and has 14 seats. We renovated a former soba restaurant property with a counter at a low cost. The locations of the restroom, kitchen, and counter remain the same, but a new counter has been added to the former soba-making room facing the street, resulting in an L-shaped layout. The floors are covered with wood flooring, and the walls and ceilings are painted over the existing wallpaper and new base. A frame of the same size as the two aluminum sashes installed on the exterior wall was created to match the sashes, and the stone building and its windows were designed to create an open, outdoors-like atmosphere even in the back of the store. Inside the frame, fish are swaying through the decorative glass, connecting to a school of larch fish on the ceiling near the entrance, creating a large swell. The larch fish was created by Keisuke Masuda of Small Pond, who is also an architect and performs art activities such as digging spoons, the door handle was created by Daisaku Maeda of craft artist Atelier M4, and the letters on the open sign were written by calligrapher Ayaka Kobayashi. Parts that convey the joy of handicraft are scattered throughout the space.