Type:House/Location:Kamakura,Kanagawa,Japan/Design:2018/Structure:Timber,Steel/Sponsor:Shelter/Built area:148m2/Total floor area:180m2



We have developed a surfers’ house based on the formation of a swell wave whose water molecules draw smaller or larger circles as they move horizontally back and forth. The title of the house is, surfers’ house by a swell. Just like a swell wave changes its size day by day we wanted to represent the design plan that can be sectioned by circles with varied radii. Additionally, we wanted to present the building with three towers as if the whole volume is floating on and gliding along a swell. We have added these towers to the wooden structure to cater for the different purposes: the summer and winter towers to consider the direction of the offshore wind and sunlight……the direction of wind changes accordingly between the summer and winter……, and the other tower to check the condition of the ocean and the swell. Other facilities include a covered parking space for pickup trucks, maintenance space for the surf boards, sunlit dining area, and sitting area with ocean view.