Type:Hotel/Location:Hokkaido,Japan/Design:2018/Consultant:Structured environment/Structure:Concrete/Site area:12400m2/Built area:3712m2 /Total floor area:17274m2


This is a hotel project(160-rooms) in a ski resort in Hokkaido. Since the iconic mountain towers on the east and north sides of the site, the buildings were arranged so that one of them could be seen from all guest rooms. By taking a sufficient approach from the road to the building entrance, we have created a calm landscape. The building consists of two buildings. The north wing (2 stories above ground and 1 below) has a reception, bar and office. The south wing (5 stories above ground and 1 below) has guest rooms, restaurants, conference rooms, spas, etc. An open corridor with a high ceiling connects the north and south wings. We researched the nature and culture of Hokkaido and reflected it in exterior, interior, furniture and material selection. In addition, the rooms in the south wing are arranged so as to increase in size as they moved from the west to the east, aiming to melt the entire building into the snow scene while having directionality and speed. The north wing is a sparkling presence like the North star.