Type:Observation Tower/Location:Dubai,UAE/Design:2019/Consultant:Jun Sato structural engineer/Structure:Timber/Total floor area:400m2


In this large site, our proposal combining the bird observation tower and the boardwalk has height, width and directionality, so it has good visibility from a distance and is ideal as a landmark. A lot of flamingos are flocking and resting in the Al Wathba Wetland Reserve. And this observation is also realized by a flocking of thin structures. The legs of the flocking dance are like a forest that protects the oasis beyond the mirage. It is also very fantastic reflecting in the water surface. A wooden main frame was constructed with the motif of the flamingo’s slender legs bent in the ankles of the human body. These frames are placed on the site like an arc-shaped (it is called a Barchan. Barchans face the wind, appearing convex and are produced by wind action predominantly from one direction.) naturally created by the wind from the Gulf of Aden. There are 24 types of frames in total depending on the floor height, but the joints using galvanized steel plates are simple because they are deformed while keeping the angle of each point. The same angle is very effective for low-cost, easily-transportation, easily-construction and easily-repair. In addition, since the same height of the apex is used and the same module is used, the construction can be performed speedily. The top of the frame is GL + 12m, the highest point of the floor height is GL+6m, the entire observation is arc-shape sloped and accessible by wheelchairs. As the height of the floor rises, the contact point between the two legs on the ground gets closer and it becomes slightly unstable, so the frame’s pitch is closed in plan. In addition, in this area, short arc-shape belt is added to inside of long belt to support it. The inner arc-shape belt is different in height from the outside belt, and people can overlook the view further. And the gap between the two belts becomes a bench and stage. The louver extended from the handrail blocks the sunlight and wind during the day, and the frame increases as it goes to the center, so it becomes camouflage from flamingo.