Type:Bakery/Location:Nakameguro,Tokyo,Japan/Design:2015-16/Construction:2016/Consultant:Comodo/Structure:Steel/Contractor:Devise/Total floor area:182m2


The city bakery is located in Nakameguro, Tokyo. It was constructed under the elevated railway system of Toyoko Line as a completely separate structure. There were 28 shops in the area of 182 m2 which is in front of the south exit of Nakameguro station and this particular place itself was a part of the 700 m2 of the commercial facilities. The plan was divided into several parts to accommodate a bakery shop, cafeteria, and kitchen. The bakery was especially carefully planned from the point of its appearance that is easily spotted from the outside. Inside of it is easy to go around and the fixtures are placed alongside the path. Inside the cafeteria there are counter chairs, a large table, and niche-like spaces which provide quieter private tables and chairs along the western side of the building facing the road. We provided the kitchen a large space of storage and let the part of kitchen such as bread ovens connected and visible to the cafeteria in order to present the liveliness of cooking to the customers. Since the venue is located under the elevated railway system we could not touch the structural frames of the railway system itself. For that we have hung the lighting system in a circular manner to the newly added structure and attached the decorative boards with aluminum flat bars so that the they could be removed easily during the structural inspection of the railway system.