Type:Chair/Design:2021/Construction:2021/Material:Japanese cypress/ Supprt:PIVOTO, Momonotane/ Size:513×850×360㎜

POP CLOUDは無垢の桧丸太から、両端を固定して回転する木工旋盤によってつくられた、7つの回転体(全5種類)の組み合わせ。回転体は球体から棒状に滑らかに変化する棍棒型のものと、両端が球体の瓢箪型のもので、無垢材ならではの木目が波紋や等高線のように美しく現れる。制作工程はクラフトマンと打ち合わせを重ねながら木工旋盤での最大製作可能サイズを元に3DCADのRhinocerosによって大きさ、角度、重なり具合、孔の位置等検討を重ね、2次元の図面を作成した。クラフトマンは図面を元に削りや孔空け加工を行ったが、無垢材であるが故の割れや乾燥、収縮に“遊び”を設けることで対応した。組み合わせ方は、一番大きな棍棒型の回転体に4つの孔を設け、その孔に他の回転体を挿し込む。また挿し込まれた隙間に瓢箪型を嵌めることで、全体のバランスを保っている。こうして集まった回転体は、原産地である岡山県真庭市の山間の雲海から飛び出してきた、雲のようでもある。組み立てる楽しさや、座ることのみならず様々な姿勢を誘発する形態を目指した。


Maniwa City in Okayama Prefecture, located in the western part of Japan, is famous as a place of origin for the popular Japanese cypress and cedar trees in Japan. This time, we designed a chair using only Maniwa’s Japanese cypress.
Pop cloud, the name of this chair, is a combination of 7 rotating parts (5 types in total) made from a solid Japanese cypress log with a wood lathe machine. The rotating part is a wooden club-shaped one that smoothly changes from a sphere to a rod-like shape, and another is a gourd-shaped one with spherical ends. Because it is made of solid wood, the wood grain appears beautifully like ripples and contour lines.
In the production process, while repeatedly discussing with the craftsman, we used 3D CAD Rhinoceros based on the maximum size that can be produced with a wood lathe machine, and repeatedly examined the size, angle, overlapping conditions, hole positions, etc., and created a two-dimensional drawing. The craftsman carved and drilled holes based on the drawings, and dealt with cracking, drying, and shrinkage by providing “play” due to the fact that it is solid wood. The method of assembly is to make four holes in the largest wooden club-shaped rotating part. And insert the other rotating parts into the holes. In addition, by fitting a gourd shaped rotating part into the inserted gap, the overall balance is maintained. The rotating parts gathered in this way are like clouds that have jumped out of the sea of ​​clouds in the mountains of Maniwa City, Okayama Prefecture, where they are produced. The aim was to create the form that would be fun to assemble and would induce various postures, not just sitting.

Architect/Designer: Yuji Tanabe Architects
Produce/seller : pivoto
Manufacturer : Momo-tane
Support : Maniwa city, Okayama prefecture, Japan