Type:House/Location:Ooi,Tokyo,Japan/Design:2004-05/Construction:2005-06/Consultant:Low Fat Structure/Structure:RC/Contractor:Seibu-kenko/Site area:40m2/Built area:24m2/Total floor area:60m2


The building, located in a residential district in Tokyo, was a new home to a young couple. The site was slanted slightly and blessed with greenery of the shrine from the other side of the street. The neighbouring area was a patchwork of small pieces of land with houses and buildings with different materials and colours.

Our proposal was consisted of a V-shaped two-story plan that would stand out from the others. We placed the kitchen on the street side on the first floor in order to keep the other side away from the outside for the privacy. The parking space, entrance and water system are on the ground floor. The underground space which spread fully to the entire site has been made into a dry space that is equipped with a ventilation system and could capture the sunlight coming from the outside. This space can also be used as an alternative sitting room depending on the season and/or any family needs which may arise in the future. Though the inside and outside cross bewilderingly in this compact three-story configuration we aimed to let them to blend to one another.