Type:Apartment/Location:Funabashi,Chiba,Japan/Design:2008-09/Construction:2009-10/Architects:Yuji Tanabe+bews/Consultant:Jun Sato Structural engineering/Structure:Timber/Contractor:Abe-kensetsu/Site area:388m2/Built area:163m2/Total floor area:259m2


The Flower Apartment complex for couples to live in is located in Tsudanuma, Chiba, Japan. Tsudanuma is a University town and a bedroom community of Tokyo. The actual site is 390 m2 and it is on the south side of the district, located next to flower gardens and fruit orchards in a very peaceful setting.

Each unit has the entrance hall in the courtyard – the “center of the flower”-of the apartment. There are six “L-Shaped” units that form the petals of the flowers, and each of them provides the building with its basic massing. Also, there are two 2-story units with an attic loft on the north side of the building. The additional floor of these units provides the rooms with the required sunlight. Each unit is approximately 30 m2. To emphasise the petals of the massing, a deck terrace has been added that stretches between the units and gives the sense of extension from the interior to exterior. The apartment windows and openings are oriented along the L-shape and the orientation allows people to enjoy the view which extends from the inside to the other side of the L-shape through the garden and the surrounding suburban landscape highlighting the rural aspects of the site. The design is done in such a way that provides the expanding view into three dimensions in search of light. In a way it resembles a plant that lets its branches grow towards the source of light.