Type:Cake Shop/Location:Matsumoto,Nagano,Japan/Design:2016-2017/Construction:2017/Structure:steel/Contractor:Shimizu-kensetsu/Total floor area:61m2


This cake shop is approximately 60m2 and sits in a shopping mall located in the city of Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan. In the the Kamikochi region – an area renowned for its picturesque mountain landscape -the client operates a mountain resort and other related shops and restaurants. The space for the cake shop is open to three sides – to the main circulation area, to the adjacent dinning area, and to the lifts that lead to the cinema complex on the first floor. And the mountain resort is located at the confluence of the Azusa River which flows through the center of Kamikochi and its tributary, the Shimizu River. A suspension bridge, called the Kappa Bridge, is built over this point and provides a truthfully spectacular view of the Hotaka mountains with their peaks that represent the region. We found that the spatial standpoint the shop has to the three sides in the shopping mall is similar to that of the mountain resort at the junction. This spatial similarity has given us a hint which had become the basis of our creation for this opportunity. We have aimed to express the magnificent wild environment through the use of multilayered shadows. The combination of the smoothness of round steel pipes and intricate texture of the threaded pipes creates subtle shadows expressing the flow of the river and the mountain range and the layered shadows reminiscent of the surface of water. Blast finished mirrors and layers of round steel create an atmospheric view like fog with heterogeneous handmade shelves suspended like clouds. The round poles arranged in a curve are easy to approach, and as the distance to the body narrows, one can experience the changing of faint shadows.