Type:Station/Location:Kamakura,Kanagawa,Japan/Design:2016/Construction:2016 /Architects:Kamakura Fujisawa Ring Project (Yuji Tanabe+Tappei Ito+Keisuke Koike)/Consultant:Takashi Nakasaki/Structure:Steel/Contractor:Kumagayagumi


Shonan monorail runs between Ofuna and Enoshima in Kanagawa, Japan. As a member of the Kamakura-Fujisawa Ring Project Research Group we took part of the renovation project which ran alongside the reconstruction work to provide a part of the station an easy access for the passengers.

The part we were given the commission to design was the wall along the track. We began considering the particular situation only given by the Shonan monorail system that is completely different from the other railway systems. Taking a Shonan monorail train means that we travel through local mountains and valleys and enjoy the view of Mt Fuji and Hakone mountains to the far. It may give people a feeling as if they are climbing mountains and crossing rivers. We wanted to depict such a travel experience visualised in a two-dimensional plane. The actual view from the monorail trains is diverse. The extended view of the faraway mountains intertwines with that of the local mountains and station buildings. We wanted to express the multiple layers of various height and distance of them in the plane of wall.

The main material we used was transparent multiple layered polycarbonate panels. Each of them was composed of three semi-void layers. We inserted aluminum pipes and copper pipes into them to express the multiple layers of the scenery.

It was a Group’s first renovation attempt for a monorail station. Since there are possibilities of further renovation projects of other stations along this monorail system we wanted the case of Fujimicho Station to have versatility which we will be able to apply for the other stations in the future. The scene varies from station to station, and the method we adopted this time would enable us to express the subtle changes along the railway line.