• Surfer’s House by swell / サーファーの家

    Type:House/Location:Kamakura,Kanagawa,Japan/Design:2018/Structure:Timber,Steel/Sponsor:Shelter/Built area:148m2/Total floor area:180m2


    We have developed a surfer’s house based on the formation of swell waves, whose water particles draw smaller or larger circles as they move back and forth horizontally. titled surfer’s house by swell, the wooden structure is cut and planned in section with circles of different radii that reflect the waves’ different sizes, while its three towers allow the building to float above water.We have added the three towers to the wooden structure to cater for different purposes: the summer tower and the winter tower consider the direction of the offshore wind and the light from the sun; and the viewing tower allows surfers to check the conditions of the ocean and the swell. other facilities include a covered parking space for pickup trucks, a board maintenance