• Ooi60 / 大井60

    Type:House/Location:Ooi,Tokyo,Japan/Design:2004-05/Construction:2005-06/Consultant:Low Fat Structure/Structure:RC/Contractor:Seibu-kenko/Site area:40m2/Built area:24m2/Total floor area:60m2


    This building, located in a residential district in Tokyo, is the new home to the young couple. The site slants slightly blessed with greenery of the shrine over the road. The land around the site is divided into tiny lots, and each piece with several different material and color has spread like a patchwork. Therefore, I began to design V-shaped plan (second floor) patched up to stand out from the others. We placed kitchen on one side of V-shaped plan on the second floor, so that it keeps another side apart from the outside.We planed water use section on the first floor, and the space with dry area shaped as the site in the basement. This space is almost the same scale as the space on the second floor, therefore it is possible to switch living room to bedroom due to a season or a way of living. Though the inside and the outside cross bewilderingly in this compact configuration with three layers, we try to combine them.