• Guggenheim Museum / グッゲンハイム美術館

    Type:Museum/Location:Helsinki,Finland/Design:2014/Consultant:Jun Sato structural engineers/Structure:Steel/Site area:18683m2/Total floor area:11705m2


    A lot of foam is always born between the land and the sea by unceasingly lapping wave. The foam does not have the direction of top and bottom, right and left. Various sizes of them are assisting, pushing and changing each other. The site of Guggenheim Helsinki faces the sea and the park and the town. It means the building will not have the backside, and also will be seen from all directions. Therefore we design this building with the foam that has flexibility and could be a landmark easily. Furthermore people are familiar with this foam (sphere, globe, dome) and curved line in this town. For example, Helsinki Central Station has a beautiful vault in the entrance and four giant statues which hold globes on the facade. Apart from this, Helsinki Cathedral and Church of Rock have dome roofs, curved wall of KIASMA is very elegant, and Helsinki has more than three hundred island like a jewel, so to speak. In addition, Finland was famous for the construction of a wooden ship in history, and the shape of a sphere is suitable for strong seaside winds. The sphere of our building is covered with Finnish wood (it reminds of a traditional Nordic architecture) and a mirror (it reflects waves, green, town and arts). The size of them is decided by preliminary area schedule and it fits with this site along a curve. If we have a discussion with the client, the engineer and the curator…, this flexibility will help us. The building is very open and has clear accessibility because of the separated access for the customer and unloading. The circulation is trained against the building like a snake and there are some shortcuts. Each exhibition galleries divided into five could be connected and separated as the case may be. The Dining and upper lounge (exhibition3) have a nice harbor view.