• Flower Apartment / フラワーアパートメント

    Type:Apartment/Location:Funabashi,Chiba,Japan/Design:2008-09/Construction:2009-10/Architects:Yuji Tanabe+bews/Consultant:Jun Sato Structural engineering/Structure:Timber/Contractor:Abe-kensetsu/Site area:388m2/Built area:163m2/Total floor area:259m2


    The Flower Apartment complex (for single-couples) is located in Tsudanuma, Chiba, Japan. Tsudanuma is a University town and a bedroom community of Tokyo. The actual site is on a 390 m2 plot of land on the south side of the district, located next to flower gardens and fruit orchards in a very peaceful setting. Each unit has the entrance hall in the courtyard - the “center of the flower”-of the apartment. There are six “L-Shaped” units that form the petals of the flowers, and provide the building with its basic massing. In addition, there are two 3-story mezzanine units on the north side of the building whose additional floor provides the required sunlight. Each unit is approximately 30 m2. To emphasize the petals of the massing, a deck terrace has been added that stretches between the units that expands the interior to the exterior. The apartment windows are oriented in such a way that they selectively edit the views of the surrounding suburban landscape highlighting the rural aspects of the site.