• Corona Electric Head Office and Factory / コロナ電気新社屋工場

    Type:Office and Factory/Location:Hitachinaka,Ibaraki,Japan/Design:2011-12/Construction:2012-13/Architects:Yuji Tanabe Architects+bews/Consultant:Jun Sato structural engineers,System design labo,honda GREEN/Structure:Steel/Contractor:Totetsu-kogyo/Site area:7971m2/Built area:1376m2/Total floor area:1465m2


    The design of the building, located one hour north of tokyo, places the manufacturing space at the heart of the scheme, with support rooms surrounding it. the architects refer to these smaller connected spaces as USB zones, connected peripherally to the central core of the proposal, (the hard-drive or CPU). The central manufacturing level is separated from the offices through a raised circulation route, connecting each of the peripheral volumes. the corridor then transforms into a bridge at the shipping dock, where assembled products are dispatched, ensuring that the assembly line is not interrupted. The USB rooms are raised one meter off the ground to function at the same height as the corridor which links them, allowing the manufacturing level below to be viewed from all sides. Through skillfully combining the building’s dual functions, we have created a practical and elegant work environment which meets the needs of the company and its employees.